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The Voodoo Shield is a protective shield for your ship. It can only be acquired by having a Voodoo Priest on your ship. Damage to your ship will first be deducted from the Voodoo Points of your Voodoo Shield. When all of the Voodoo Points of your Shield are expended, any additional damage will then directly affect the Hit Points of your ship. 

The Voodoo Points are always twice as high as the base amount of Hit Points that your ship has. This does not include any bonuses you may have received from Bonus Maps, or Buffs. 

When your Shield takes damage, you must repair it with the Voodoo Priest. You can also repair it with Amulets: Ogoun, Agwe, Legba, and Simbi. 

Gems, Pets and Voodoo Castles can increase the amount of Points of your Voodoo Shield. ​