Zircon Zircon +50% Extra Battle Points
Larimar Larimar Increases your ship's vision by 5%
Turquoise Turquoise 10% Extra gold from killing monsters
Smithsonite Smithsonite Increases your ship's repair speed by 10%
Amazonite Amazonite Increases your total amount of expansion slots by 10
Apatite Apatite +1000 bonus on your ship's Elite Ammunition
Chrysocolla Chrysocolla +1000 bonus on your ship's Gold Ammunition
Hemimorphite Hemimorphite Boosts the amount of hitpoints given from amulets by 15%
Jelly_Opal Jelly Opal Increases your ship's damage vs buildings by 25%
Labradorite Labradorite +50 Speed while your ship is below 50% HP
Quantum_Quattro Quantum Quattro Boosts the amount of voodoo points given from amulets by 15%
Variscite Variscit Decreases the cooldown for all amulets by 5%