Citrine Critine +80 Speed while your ship is below 50% HP
Topaz Topaz +49 Speed while your ship is above 50% HP
Heliodor Heliodor +30% Extra experience
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye +10% Extra Elite Points
Aventurine Aventurine 5% Less damage received when using Agwe's Armor Plates
Beryl Beryl +10% Extra Rewards from Treasure Chests
Amber Amber +5% Cannon Damage against other players
Agate Agate 50% Extra Battle Points
Emerald Emerald Gem Reduced the DoT[1] from some Ammunition by 50%
Sunstone Sunstone +3% Cannon Damage against NPC's
Pyrite Pyrite +20% Extra Gold when sinking NPC's
Jadeite Jadeite Boosts the amount of voodoo points given from amulets by 30%
Ammolite Ammolite Boosts the amount of hitpoints given from amulets by 30%

References Edit

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