The market cove is a place where you can bid against other players for the highest bid for different kind of elite items, which otherwise would only be able to purchase using Pearls pearls.

The bidding commences at the beginning of every hour, and lasts the full hour. Whoever has the highest bid at the end of the auction recieves the item(s).

During the bidding, it is only possible to see the highest bidder, not the amount they bid.

If your bid is lower than the highest bid, you lose the amount you bid and you will not get anything in return unless you eventually bid higher than the current top bid.


Although players can only bid using Goldgold, it is entirely possible to buy all the items in the market cove auction using Pearls pearls. Players can recieve items at discounted prices by activiating their discounts before their purchase.

Bidding Edit

Players bid against other places blindly, meaning nobody knows what each other has bid, you can only see who has the highest bid.

If a player is successful in bidding and wins, they will recieve 5% of their bid back as well the item they bid for.


Although all items in the market cove have a set price, players can activate the following discount packages to help lower the cost.

  • Premium Membership - automatically gives the player a 5% discount inside the market cove.
  • Advantage Pack - This package includes a discount of up to 25% on every item.
  • Guild Islands - depending on how many island your guild owns, all players in the guild will recieve 1% discount per island, up to a maximum of 10%.

Although all these packages are obtained in different methods, they are all stackable, so players can purchase the Advantage Pack for a 25% discount, and also be a member of a guild with 7 island for further discount, totalling a 32% discount at the market cove.


Below is a list of all the items available for purchase using pearls at the market cove.

Item Buy amount Cost Highest bid amount
Crystals MC Crystals 1 Pearls 308 10
Medallion of Light MC Medallion of Light 1 Pearls 400 5
Ogoun Amulet MC Ogoun Amulet 1 Pearls 250 1
Repair Ammunition Small Repair Ammunition 100 Pearls 50 5,000
Explosive Ammunition Small Explosive Ammunition 100 Pearls 50 5,000
Voodoo Ammunition Small Voodoo Ammunition 100 Pearls 120 5,000
Weapons Mate MC Weapons Mate 1 Pearls 5,000 14
Carpenter LVL3 Carpenter (Level 3) 1 Pearls 29,000 1
Little Buccaneer MC Little Buccaneer 1 Pearls 5,000 1
Iron Harpoon Iron Harpoon 1 Pearls 100 50
Chains MC Chains 1 Pearls 250 50
Treasure Key MC Treasure Key 1 Pearls 1,500 1
Chainmail Shirt MC Chainmail Shirt 1 Pearls 100 50
Boarding Axe MC Boarding Axe 1 Pearls 50 10
Flintlock MC Flintlock 1 Pearls 150 10
Bermuda Sail MC Bermuda Sails 1 Pearls 500 1
Repair Cannon LVL2 MC Repair Cannon (Level 2) 1 Pearls 7,500 1
Figurehead Ran MC Figurehead Ran 1 Pearls 5,000 1
Hardwood Beam MC Hardwood Beams 1 Pearls 2,500 1