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Your crew is the pirates that you sail with. You start off with just a basic pirate, but you can hire more. Crew is used for boarding ships and surviving. You need a big crew to get big gold!


This group increases as you get more. 2 is better then one. the pirates vary in skill but the most effective for the space is the peter pan pirate. what do you use these for? Well when you get an enemy player ship into the red you can board it, but you need to have a stronger crew then their crew to actually board the ship. Your crew value varys on yoru pirates equipment, stregnth, and your main crews stregnth. your Pirates can die in battle though so when you dont want to board someone or defend gold store them in your storage trove under shipyard.

Pirates Cost to Hire Strength
John Doe 800 gold 1
Freddy Drunn 900 gold 1.5
Johnny Gore 1,000 gold 2
Henry Burns 1,100 gold 2.5
Miguel Demirez 1,200 gold 3
Richard Smith 1,300 gold 3.5

Permanant CrewEdit

Permanent crew members perform special tasks for the player. They stay on your ship forever and usually cost pearls. This crew includes the Quartermaster, Ship's Pilot, Lookout, Surgeon, Ship's Mate, Carpenter, Cook, Gunner, and Treasure Hunter. to start with buy one of each from the highest quality gold then upgrade to a pearl crew while throwing your old crew overboard. The ships pilot will increase your speed in the water. The lookout will increase your ships visibility. Your mate will allow your pirates to live longer. Your carpenter will repair your ship. Your cook will distribute food. Your gunner will help your cannon's aim. and your treasure hunter shows all those glitters on the map.

Usable crewEdit

This crew boosts certain stats for your ship. They only live for 14 days then they expire. They are the gunner's mate. the Weapon's Mate, and the Deckhand. the Gunners mate will repair cannons 1% per day. 14% over his life span. the Weapons mate will take care of your ammunitions supply. The boatswain will repair your damaged decks.


You can equip your crew with cuttlasses, pistols, armor, fruit, and rum in the storage trove.