Behemoth's Raid Map is a PvP raid map where player's can fight with or against each other to defeat Leviathans and Behemoths.

200 Leviathans need to be defeated before the Behemoth will spawn at a random place on the map.

Requirements Edit

Players who wish to enter the raid map will need a Behemoth Medallion, 1 of these will grant you access to the map 1 time. If you die from any of the NPC's or if another player sinks you while on this map, you will need another medallion to enter.

Only players with the pirate levels between 16 through to 30 may activate a medallion to join the raid.

The Raid Edit

Every player who enters the raid map will be given a 10 minute grace period, this means that if you are sunk within the first 10 minutes of entering the raid, they will be given an option to spawn back into the raid map without using another medallion.

You have to work with (or against) other players in the raid map to destroy Leviathans. A counter will appear and tell you how many Leviathans are left to kill.

Once you have killed the correct amount of Leviathans, the Behemoth will spawn.

Rewards Edit

The rewards will depend on the amount of damage you do towards the NPC's. Players will receive Pearls and EP. There is also a chance to receive Crystals if you do the most damage towards them, or if you deal the last shot.

If you deal the last shot on the Behemoth, there will be a chance you can receive the Behemoth Design

  • Sink the Behemoth 1 time to receive the level 1 design[1]
  • Sink the Behemoth 5 times to receive the level 2 design[1]
  • Sink the Behemoth 10 times to receive the level 3 design[1]
  • Sink the Behemoth 25 times to receive the level 4 design[1]
  • Sink the Behemoth 50 times to receive the level 5 design[1]

Gallery Edit