Admiral Marduk

Marduk, the strongest admiral.

The Admirals don’t sail around the map 24/7; they have to take a break once in awhile and stock up their supplies.

Just like you, these NPCs have an elite mate on board and perform repairs on their ships when they aren't under attack.

Hits on targets are randomly distributed among attackers!

The rewards will be distributed proportionately; however, the total reward decreases as the number of attackers increases. If you only destroy a few hit points, it's quite possible that you won't receive any reward at all.

From level 6 on, we consider you to be an experienced pirate, and the admirals Jack & Sinclare are no longer worthy of your time and effort. If you want to waste your time destroying them, be our guest, but you won't receive any rewards or points in the Hall of Fame for "Admiral points".

Locations Edit

The names and locations of the admirals have been passed on by word of mouth from ship to ship. We've been able to gather the following info for you: